Aids, cancer, diabetes cure!

As Shalice Amos discloses has a wonderful juice that cures, Boosts immune system fast.

As scientists across the globe continue grappling with efforts to expensively develop drugs for numerous ailments, somewhere in this recently christened ‘poorest country on earth’, Malawi, lies a cure to many diseases, so says Shalice Amos, founder of a concoction of Teras.

The way Shalice stumbled on this medicinal mixture is an amazing tale of its own, professing of illness that turned into a blessing.

Amos says Teras, a Greek name meaning “the wonder cure” possesses some wonders that has seen health condition of HIV and Aids, cancer, tuberculosis, high blood pressure and diabetic patients tremendously improve.

“I’m the living testimony of the power of this medicine,” said Amos, who stays in the country’s commercial City of Blantyre.

She explained that she was battling a myriad of health issues, among them cancer, heart failure and diabetes for two years until she discovered Teras through a family friend from Europe whom she revealed had given the formula to her young sister by then.

Amos narrated that on this material day she had gone to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for routine check-up as she was suffering from Kaposi-Sarcoma type of cancer which affects both the skin and internal organs.

“After carrying out several tests on my deteriorating condition, doctors diagnosed me with another serious illness. They discovered that I had diabetes with my sugar levels at 500,” she said.

The news of another serious disease shocked her to the extent that she got out of the hospital very devastated.

“I sat down under the tree outside the grounds of the hospital crying. I was feeling pity about myself. Cancer was already unbearable to live with and being found with yet another disease made me feel doomed,” recalled Amos.

But there is a biblical idiom which says ‘when all hope is gone that it when God shows His greatness’ and the testimony happened.

Amos was accompanied to the hospital by a younger sister as a guardian and the sister is a friend to a Spanish national. My sister was busy consoling me that she could not respond to the text messages that her friend  had sent to her mobile phone which forced the Spanish native to call and inquire as texting was the two’s usual way of communicating.

“My sister then explained that she was failing to respond because she was at the hospital with me. She informed him about my condition and the type of illness I was suffering from. He said we should prepare juice to use on my illness and this is when I came to know about the curing juice,” she said.

But she had some doubts about the effectiveness of the concoction particularly considering the fact that the woman had went through a two-year period of taking different types of medication without any improvement as regards her ill-health. The condition kept worsening.

At one time, she reveals, doctors had to stop the antibiotic treatment after her body had had enough of the drugs and there was a likely threat of her developing a lever malfunction.

Amos, however, says the very same day she started taking the medicinal juice, a glimmer of hope and belief returned in her. 30 minutes after taking the mixture her body reacted and there came indicative signs that Mollen had promised a manifestation of the drug’s effectiveness.

“I started experiencing excruciating pain in the cancerous soles that I had developed all over my body which my sister’s friend had said would happen,” said the woman who was not reluctant to show the scares on her body as evidence to her story of sorrow.

Within a period of two weeks of taking the medicine, tremendous change of her health condition occurred.

She said the wounds started healing and five months later she was completely cured both of the cancer and diabetes. She claims back at the hospital, several tests confirmed her healing to the awe of the doctors.

However, she says she had to continue taking the medicine for two more months since the drug requires seven months for a patient to complete dosage.

“The experience and feeling of my recovery was really amazing. I could not believe that my two-year period of misery due to illness had come to an end just like that and in such an unbelievable circumstance,” said Amos, convinced that Mollen’s appearance in this whole saga was God’s work.

During her frequent visit to hospitals, Amos used to meet different people with various agonising illness and she said she started thinking that such fellow human beings could also share her happiness if she was to introduce them to the  curing juice from her ‘God-sent angel’ – friend.

“I decided to approach Mollen to persuade him if he could reveal the formulae of the concoction to me, so that I should use the same to assist others,” she said.

Initially, the Spanish was reluctant to reveal. According to Amos, Mollen explained that back to his home, people who knew the formulae of such multi-disease curing mixture are a target of some powerful cartels, who feel their business interests are threatened.

“He told me that such people face threats or unexplained disappearance from the societies under the hand of unknown assailants and he was afraid that it might also be the case here,” she said.

After giving examples of some people in Malawi who are selling similar-like concoctions and an assurance that Malawi was some peaceful country, Amos says Mollen agreed and confided the formulae to her and her younger sister who is a friend to the Spanish native.

Asked what Teras contains, Amos only reveals that the juice is made out of locally-found fruits and vegetables, without giving out the actual identity of the raw materials used. She and the sister are the only people who know the ingredients.

“I can’t disclose the formulae to my 17-year-old daughter because she might reveal it to her friends particularly her boy friend,” she says.

So far, Amos claims Teras has helped scores of people and many others are on the medication and they are all testifying massive improvements relating to their different ailments.

Initially, Amos was just treating people for free but the demand grew and she decided to attach a fee on the mixture to help her cover costs for the materials she uses to prepare the stuff.

She says, as many people got the news of the effectiveness of the medicine, her home became a place of voyage.

“Different types of people with all sorts of ailments started flocking to my house and I was overwhelmed with the demand to the extent that I was always attending to patients without finding time for other things. This is the other reason why I decided to place a little charge on the liquid so that I should be using the money for my other needs since I hardly find time to do other income generating activities for my survival,” explains Amos.

Currently, Teras shops are found in all the three regions of Malawi. In the south, the acclaimed ‘wonder-cure’ can be found in Limbe in HITN arcade; in the central region, the shop is in Lilongwe, while in the north one could found the medicine in Mzuzu City.

The woman has now gone full-throttle marketing and publicising the medicine after acceptance from several quarters.

She said they had faced strong resistance on the onset from associations representing patients suffering from different diseases.

“This other day, it reached to the extent of me being reported and got arrested but thank God the Officer In-Charge of the police station I was locked up was my patient and he immediately ordered for my release on the same day after I had informed him of my apprehension,” discloses Amos.

Despite all the harassment from several grouping of interest, Amos said she holds no grudges against any of them.

“I now have a good relationship with most of the association members because some of them have become my clients and they have acknowledged the effectiveness of Teras,” claims the woman who boasts of having over 5000 patients taking the medicine and responding well to her ‘wonder-cure’.

She says Teras seems to be a lucky-inspiring medicine as many prominent people who have witnessed its wonder come forward with offers of goodwill. One among them is a renowned politician whose cannot be disclosed and he is said to have bankrolled the initial Teras publicity campaign.

“The man told me that he did so to show appreciation and he also wanted many people with similar health problems to hear about the medicine and get assisted. So he organised radio and promotion and also interviews for me, where I explained about the cure,” she said.

A one litre bottle is pegged at K10,000, meaning, one has to spend K70,000 to have the full required dosage for effective treatment of any disease.

Amos says she usually advise her patients to continue taking medication from the hospital alongside Teras, as there are no any side effects relating to the combining.

On a different note, she also professes her pride for providing employment and means for survival to over 20 previously jobless Malawians who work in Teras shops across the country.

“I personally give them thorough training before deploying them to any of our distribution shops so that we prevent any mishandling of the medicine and subsequent risks to the health of our clients,” assures Amos who is a widow with one daughter.

Meanwhile, Amos says her next plan of action is to build centres for treatment where patients would be admitted if need arises for closer monitoring and appropriate caring.

“God is really powerful as he sent Teras producers to help me” said Saidi.

“Yes, we will also just start buying for our kids to protect them from diseases that might come to them” said Veronica Raphael.

“Really, I’m completely different compared to the past and that even neighbors never understand the wonders from Teras” Veronica Raphael said.

”I was just eating porridge at lunch and supper as well and I had to cook Nsima just for my husband and children but now I eat” said Mary Thole Mbewe.

”I didn’t know at first what was happening as i had no desire for a woman, my sexual senses were compromised, but as of now I’m back in action as I’m strong” said George Maida.

“Aah now… I sing a sweet song as I’m completely healed by Teras juice even though I haven’t yet completed the whole dosage” said Alefa Jackson.

“I’m an example by considering that I’ve been going through with my health up to the point of being directed to TERAS by God’s grace, i don’t take it for granted” said Maria Nyirongo.

“I explained my problem, later they gave me instructions and told me that I’m supposed to take 7 bottles so I started taking it right away on August 2015, as of now I’m completely feeling well”...said Alefa Jackson

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them”... said Agnes Katsekera.