posted 11 November, 2017

Helped from BP - Margaret Jumbe


Unhealthy life normally leads to unhappy and disturbance moments in life. Margaret comes from Chiradzulu in Nankuyu village, T/A Nkalo. She started suffering from her long time ailment in 2008 but she could not know what the problem was until medical practitioners disclosed to her through medical examination conducted.

According to her at that time she was feeling persistent fatigue, headache, heavy heart pumping and dizziness among other feelings. She was also frequently feeling weak and loss of appetite throughout which led to loss of body weight.

She had been going to various hospitals for medical attention but nothing improved. Later on after long suffering, doctors diagnosed her with High blood Pressure and at that time as diagnosis was underway BP shot that could have led to loss of her life.

“It was by God’s grace that I survived in referring to the condition” Margaret pointed out.

Long at last one day she just saw her son bringing to her a bottle of Teras juice. She has been taking the juice until now with her seventh bottle. At first she was hesitating to take it considering how she tried other various medications but still she had no choice other than trying Teras.

“Mmm…it was really terrible at the time but I started feeling the wonders of Teras as I was taking the very first bottle especially when I was about to finish it” said Margaret.

During the time in her frightening wilderness she was unable to function properly as mother and wife at home. She had no time for her farming activities due to her delicate health but now she testifies as she is completely fine that she does any kind of work as she used to do before without any problem.




“God is really powerful as he sent Teras producers to help me” said Saidi.

“Yes, we will also just start buying for our kids to protect them from diseases that might come to them” said Veronica Raphael.

“Really, I’m completely different compared to the past and that even neighbors never understand the wonders from Teras” Veronica Raphael said.

”I was just eating porridge at lunch and supper as well and I had to cook Nsima just for my husband and children but now I eat” said Mary Thole Mbewe.

”I didn’t know at first what was happening as i had no desire for a woman, my sexual senses were compromised, but as of now I’m back in action as I’m strong” said George Maida.

“Aah now… I sing a sweet song as I’m completely healed by Teras juice even though I haven’t yet completed the whole dosage” said Alefa Jackson.

“I’m an example by considering that I’ve been going through with my health up to the point of being directed to TERAS by God’s grace, i don’t take it for granted” said Maria Nyirongo.

“I explained my problem, later they gave me instructions and told me that I’m supposed to take 7 bottles so I started taking it right away on August 2015, as of now I’m completely feeling well”...said Alefa Jackson

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them”... said Agnes Katsekera.