posted 03 August, 2017

Abester Kambwiri Got Help for Her BP and Diabetes)

Abester Kambwiri comes from Thyolo district. According to her, she started taking BP medicine in the year of 2000 and she had been taking until 2008. However, even though she was being taking the medication, her health condition became worse and worse.

Later, she just decided to stop from taking the medication as her health condition was not improving. By then, she was just taking relief medication to just deal with body pain.

At certain point in time while battling for her life, she was treated on a certain machine as part of treatment for her health condition but nothing changed as still she was feeling body pain, she was experiencing heavy heart bit that made her to stop drinking tea as when she takes it, she had to heavily sweat and there was a time when she was frequently urinating.

Later, when she went to hospital, she was eventually told that it’s Diabetes. “As I’m still battling with my condition, I heard about Teras medicine, so my husband went to Teras shop and bought the first bottle”, said Abester.

She began taking Teras and then started feeling a change in her body. Then, she continued with the next bottles.

By then, she wasn’t doing any kind of work as whenever she does, she had to feel much body pain but as she just started taking Teras, she started feeling better that she could work without anybody pain.

“I’ve already taken first, second and third bottle and that I’m going to buy the fourth bottle” said Abester.          

She pointed out that she had taken several kinds of medicine but when she started Teras, that’s when she felt a difference.

All family members are now so happy to see her strongly walking as she was frequently sleeping and very often she had to send children to buy relief medicine from the shops.

“I now encourage people that they don’t need to hesitate, especially when they hear about Teras, there are really wonders from Teras as it is very helpful medicine” Abester said.

She’s relying on Teras and she strongly believes that Teras is really helpful medicine.


“Nowadays, people tell me that I’m getting so plump, so yes… I tell them, it’s Teras that I’m taking as it helped me so much” said Emily Mponda.

“Aah now… I sing a sweet song as I’m completely healed by Teras juice even though I haven’t yet completed the whole dosage” said Alefa Jackson.

“I think it’s better to take Teras that eliminated my problem than cancer injections from hospital”, said Agnes Bikausi.

“As I’m speaking some of my family members are also taking it” said Tinkhani Kaira.

“I have benefitted a lot than what i already spent on Teras because what I need most is life nothing else, so I’ll continue buying Teras until I complete my dosage” said Zelina Lunda.

“Now I resumed going to work as I got cured by Teras” said Zelina Lunda.

“It was serious sickness that I couldn’t think of having my life back by now as it is” said Esther Sapuwa.

“And by then, it was happening that when I’m giving breast feed to a child, i was feeling pain all the way from the stomach to breasts, IT’S AMAZING TO BE FINE WITH TERAS” said Veronica Raphael.

“If I saw a miracle in my life it’s from the point I was told that I’ve cancer and that I’ll die but I’m alive due to Teras” said Pastor Jones.

“I’m so strong now that i even lift a 20 litre bucket full of water by myself without any difficulties” said Nellie Sikamale.

“I couldn’t sit on that short chair as you sit and I couldn’t stand properly without holding something…BUT now am completely fine” said Sikochi Chiotcha.

“As of now, i normally eat Nsima and finish even two portions without any difficulties due to Teras juice consumption” said Mary Thole Mbewe.

“My fellow women, bearing children is the wealth, children are unique wealth as for me they spent a lot of money for several medications but I couldn’t feel better before until I met Teras juice” said Chrissie Kaliza.

“The leg was itching around the ankle so I had to be scratching it and later big wound was formed, the leg got swollen and also it was too black just as charcoal that you couldn’t think of seeing it several times”, said Davie James.

“I’m an example by considering that I’ve been going through with my health up to the point of being directed to TERAS by God’s grace, i don’t take it for granted” said Maria Nyirongo.

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them” said Agnes Katsekera.

“Everything is all well and I believe that by the end of all 7 bottles I’ll be completely recovered, now, I’m already fine even if I can stop, I’m fine” said Alefa Jackson.

“Let’s believe that this is real because I’m one of the people who got cured from Teras and that I’m now back to healthy”...Bima Thamangira

“I explained my problem, later they gave me instructions and told me that I’m supposed to take 7 bottles so I started taking it right away on August 2015, as of now I’m completely feeling well”...said Alefa Jackson

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them”... said Agnes Katsekera.