posted 03 August, 2017

Chipiliro Kamalizeni Got Help For Her Unknown Skin Disease -Thyolo

“Yes, wow! God is powerful, gracious and merciful as I have seen his wonders through the Teras juice, I strongly believe God shows his work through people like Shalice who was filled with these ideas to come up with this wonderful juice” said Chipiliro.

Chipiliro who is a primary teacher by professional,started feeling ill with sore throat which made her experiencing heavily coughing and sometimes she had breathing difficulties.It was hard times for her as she had sleepless night in those days.During a chat with her, she showed that she was totally confused as she could not know where the suffering came from.

Later on skin lashes erupted on her skin and that she was feeling so itching due to lashes on her skin. She then went to hospital where she was provided with medicines.

She commenced taking the medication from the hospital but as she started the dosage the same lashes became worse as lashes multiplied all over her body except on her back than before,and that all around her neck got swollen as she had to rub it continuously.

After her observation that she is not getting better, she went back to hospital to explain over how she was feeling. Later, she was given the other medicine prescription including those smearing on the skin. After starting that medication, she felt change that those lashes on the face and around the neck dried up but still she could not sleep as she was feeling so hot on the skin as burning wounds.

As she was still using the prescribed medicine from the hospital it was as if increasing the existence of the lashes as they were extending everywhere all over the body.

“Ah! I really did not know what to do with the lashes as it was disturbing my whole life that I had no peace at all. It reached an extent when I was unable to walk now even to eat Nsima, to hold something in my hand it was impossible” said Chipiliro.

After having enough for such uncomfortable life due to her ill-condition resulted from skin lashes, one of her children informed her about Teras juice.

She listened attentively to her child and asked some more questions regarding Teras so as to hear more about it. “Mmm as I just heard about it, I just had that belief that the juice will eradicate my problem without any doubt” said Chipiliro. Later, her child was eventually accompanied by her younger sister to buy for her.

She then commenced taking Teras medicine but surprisingly just after two weeks from the commencement dates of taking the juice, she started feeling a new life as she started feeling that something was being worked out in her body, the great pain was completely getting away, her appetite was being restored as she was unable to eat properly.

Life was heavily hard, it was almost hell on earth as she disclosedthrough her tough since she was unable to walk as when she places her feet on the ground it was as if she is placing her feet on the burning charcoal, “ah no, that was really miserable life” said Chipiliro.

God is really wonderful and great planner of everything, the world was upside down but the creator, “God almighty restored everything to its position”.

Chipiliro is now completely able to walk again and her normal appetite has been restored. “Yes,it’s occurring as if am dreaming, I am completely recovered from my sickness with only two bottles” Chipiliro concluded.

“Nowadays, people tell me that I’m getting so plump, so yes… I tell them, it’s Teras that I’m taking as it helped me so much” said Emily Mponda.

“Aah now… I sing a sweet song as I’m completely healed by Teras juice even though I haven’t yet completed the whole dosage” said Alefa Jackson.

“I think it’s better to take Teras that eliminated my problem than cancer injections from hospital”, said Agnes Bikausi.

“As I’m speaking some of my family members are also taking it” said Tinkhani Kaira.

“I have benefitted a lot than what i already spent on Teras because what I need most is life nothing else, so I’ll continue buying Teras until I complete my dosage” said Zelina Lunda.

“Now I resumed going to work as I got cured by Teras” said Zelina Lunda.

“It was serious sickness that I couldn’t think of having my life back by now as it is” said Esther Sapuwa.

“And by then, it was happening that when I’m giving breast feed to a child, i was feeling pain all the way from the stomach to breasts, IT’S AMAZING TO BE FINE WITH TERAS” said Veronica Raphael.

“If I saw a miracle in my life it’s from the point I was told that I’ve cancer and that I’ll die but I’m alive due to Teras” said Pastor Jones.

“I’m so strong now that i even lift a 20 litre bucket full of water by myself without any difficulties” said Nellie Sikamale.

“I couldn’t sit on that short chair as you sit and I couldn’t stand properly without holding something…BUT now am completely fine” said Sikochi Chiotcha.

“As of now, i normally eat Nsima and finish even two portions without any difficulties due to Teras juice consumption” said Mary Thole Mbewe.

“My fellow women, bearing children is the wealth, children are unique wealth as for me they spent a lot of money for several medications but I couldn’t feel better before until I met Teras juice” said Chrissie Kaliza.

“The leg was itching around the ankle so I had to be scratching it and later big wound was formed, the leg got swollen and also it was too black just as charcoal that you couldn’t think of seeing it several times”, said Davie James.

“I’m an example by considering that I’ve been going through with my health up to the point of being directed to TERAS by God’s grace, i don’t take it for granted” said Maria Nyirongo.

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them” said Agnes Katsekera.

“Everything is all well and I believe that by the end of all 7 bottles I’ll be completely recovered, now, I’m already fine even if I can stop, I’m fine” said Alefa Jackson.

“Let’s believe that this is real because I’m one of the people who got cured from Teras and that I’m now back to healthy”...Bima Thamangira

“I explained my problem, later they gave me instructions and told me that I’m supposed to take 7 bottles so I started taking it right away on August 2015, as of now I’m completely feeling well”...said Alefa Jackson

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them”... said Agnes Katsekera.