posted 11 August, 2017

Catherine Namate Got Help for her Unknown Illness

Yes, what a wonderful and exciting day for Catherine as she explains her story over her longtime illness until being helped from such suffering and for that troubling unknown sickness.

Yes indeed, she was throughout showing a happy face as she was being interviewed on this day. “Eeh I don’t know where and how exactly to start my explanation about my story as I’m much more delightful, see I’m strong, very energetic that makes me carrying out any kind of work as a woman at home” said Catherine.

Everything started with headache, she pointed out that there was something producing sound like that of maize mill and sometimes feeling like wind is occurring inside the head. Furthermore her legs were turning into black skin from the feet up to kneel.

According to her she believed what she was feeling in her head was the results of tumors developed in her brain as some people were thinking after she then disclosed about her health conditions.

At sometimes especially when she goes to bed, she could not sleep. Even though she could feel to get some sleep but sadly when she goes to bed, she could not sleep at all, no dosing for her.

By then from the beginning she could not tell anyone about her feelings. Later, she went to Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital with the late her younger sister where she was examined for BP, Diabetes but nothing positive was found in her. She was also recommended to go for cancer diagnosis but unfortunately at the hospital by then they had no medical equipment for cancer diagnosis.

After a long time battling for her illness, she then begun to be going to fellowship prayers as one way of asking God’s mercy and grace upon her life for deliverance and healing.

“But still I was stubborn that I could not inform anybody about my illness to avoid from people saying bad things about my life even my own husband” said Catherine.

She was just staying then helpless but still she was going to fellowship prayers until one day when she heard on radio about Teras juice.

As she heard about the juice, she had to find out then more about Teras, so later on she went to see her relatives and explained them her health problems.

In consideration with her condition as a family they agreed to sell a cow so that they should acquire money for buying Teras juice. They indeed sold that cow and she was given cash for buying the juice.

Her husband rushed to go to town and bought the first bottle for Teras juice therapy.

“Aah... it was really a new beginning of life upon completing that first bottle as I was feeling that something was coming out from my eyes, something really like sand soil” said Catherine.

Surprisingly before starting Teras she was able to touch the eye ball which was abnormal as we know that the real eye dodges when it is about to be touched, it was just dried up by then.

Gradually as she took a second bottle, she started feeling different; things were improving regarding the way she was feeling before.

“Then with a third bottle I was really feeling that I’m back to life that I told my husband that now i’m able to sleep properly without disturbances different from those days”

According to her she was indeed feeling that Teras was working out something in her body as she was feeling that even bones were being mended, everything that was troubling her by then was being eradicated by wonders of Teras.

“I was really feeling a new and refreshed person as I was feeling so fresh in my entire body condition, I was really feeling healthy for wellbeing” indicated Catherine as she smiles.

Now, she is a free person with no complaint regarding her health as she walks long distance and from there she can as well do other kind of work at home properly without any difficulties.

It was really hard times that she experienced before Teras as she could not do anything on her own due to illness. Furthermore she lost her appetite, she could not eat properly but now she can eat without any problem.

A hand of God through Teras therapy indeed has done great wonders even though she was feeling some side effects due to great strength of the remedy juice for its reaction towards the infection in the first days of commencing the juice.

Currently, she helps her husband at the field and for other work at home. “I’m completely helped due to Teras and so I urge those who feel unwell in their bodies that take Teras, you don’t need to hesitate, it’s really good and effective medicine as it has healed me from my longtime sickness” said Catherine.

“God is really powerful as he sent Teras producers to help me” said Saidi.

“Yes, we will also just start buying for our kids to protect them from diseases that might come to them” said Veronica Raphael.

“Really, I’m completely different compared to the past and that even neighbors never understand the wonders from Teras” Veronica Raphael said.

”I was just eating porridge at lunch and supper as well and I had to cook Nsima just for my husband and children but now I eat” said Mary Thole Mbewe.

”I didn’t know at first what was happening as i had no desire for a woman, my sexual senses were compromised, but as of now I’m back in action as I’m strong” said George Maida.

“Aah now… I sing a sweet song as I’m completely healed by Teras juice even though I haven’t yet completed the whole dosage” said Alefa Jackson.

“I’m an example by considering that I’ve been going through with my health up to the point of being directed to TERAS by God’s grace, i don’t take it for granted” said Maria Nyirongo.

“I explained my problem, later they gave me instructions and told me that I’m supposed to take 7 bottles so I started taking it right away on August 2015, as of now I’m completely feeling well”...said Alefa Jackson

“I can now feel that, had it been that there was no Teras, I couldn’t have been there by now, I give thanks to Teras crew and ask God to keep on providing healthy life to them”... said Agnes Katsekera.